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Freak'n See is a female lead Los Angeles creative synch and management company, proudly representing a sharply curated roster of artists, producers, songwriters and composers along with an extensive collection of songs and recordings. 

From the highly praised anthem 'Stand On The Word' by Joubert Singers, to the 1983 pop hit 'Words' by F.R. David along with a large late 70's and 80's Euro French catalog, and a great selection of singer songwriters and electronic records, our catalog covers a wide range of genres and talents.  

Browse our catalog on Disco, here.

We have placed and cleared music on advertising campaigns for Facebook, Levi's, Intel, AirBnb and TV shows for networks such as Netflix, BBC, HBO, Warners, ABC, ITV and many more.

Freak N See's management roster focuses on producers and artists from the US, the UK and Europe.

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